A beauty for every women

Get a monthly box of personalized organic & vegan haircare and skincare travel and sample size delivered right to your door. Stock up on your favortite beauty philosophy and products at mermaidC Shop, plus get ideas and inspiration to bring into your daily habits

1st BOX in may

Avocado love story is coming

Do you know that if you have to choose just one fruit, that one is the ONE? Oily, fruity, nutritif.. 


2nd BOX in june

The coconut isn't still in his tree

Open your box and be surprise how you can use that nut in your morning route.

In coming soon!


"Less is more"


A beatuy box that cuts out the excessive packaging and so small sample sizes to bring you organic, ethical and USEFUL products for a woman who wants to look after herself without overloading her skin and her mind!

mCb is a community of woman who feel better about themselves through beauty. 

Our products are not generic, supermarket-sold or mass produced. They are sustainable, natural and hand-chosen from our community's ideas and feedback.