"... this is a philosophy that should be applied to beauty because every woman is a beauty, all by herself" - Chloe Goeytes, CEO

Mermaid Cosmetic was founded by New Caledonian-born Chloe Goeytes who, after a career in retail, merchandising and buying in France and a life in Switzerland, understands the overwhelming world of consumerism and excessive "things".

That's why she started Mermaid C alias mCb - to fill a hole she saw in female-marketed products - to bring to you beauty and skincare that is not so goddamn overwhelming and self-criticising, that will make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

How many times have you opened a subscription box and found excessive packaging, tiny samples and generic brands that you could already buy from your Australian Woolies?

Mermaid C is about what is good for both the environment and the body, because we believe that one nurtures the other. We cut the crap and bring you better sized products with better quality ingredients that you would never see in an Australian chemist or supermarket.

Mermaid C is a company founded on the idea of ETHICAL, SUSTAINABLE and ORGANIC beauty. To nurture and respect without overloading you with gimmicks is our main aim, which means our mermaid C community of women will be listened to and supported. 

Mermaid C subscribers can also teach and inspire each other with personal tips and tricks via tutorials in our community blog. Chloe has a passion for how women can look after themselves - in life and in beauty.

All our products will be dictated by our community's criticisms and encouragements. You can be sure that everything you receive, from the packing in our boxes, to the products on your skin have been hand-picked by Chloe herself to be organic, minimalist, ethical, useful and practical !

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