Let's do it in Organic


Why organic? 

The beauty industry is a wasteful and sometimes harmful industry, so in order to take care of the earth and your body, it's important to shop as consciously and ethically as you can.

mcb has a commitment to transparency - we want you to know what is in every product and that we will only send you things that we 100% believe are organically sourced, produced and safe.

We like natural products that are not tested on animals, have been made with the least impact on the environment and that are non-toxic.

Looking after your skin and your body means knowing exactly what you are using on it. We try to kee^our ingredients natural, so that when you read the labelyou don't need a science degree to know what the materials are.

Even our packaging is all recycled, with organic ink. We hire local, independent freelancers for our graphic design, content and web development, therefore focusing on sustainability in a social context also.

If you have any ideas as to know we can further improve our organic, natural ethos, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Collagen production is essential for maintaining plump, youthful skin. Acai berries, a staple in Brazilian breakfast bowls, are very high in antio antioxidants, which limit damage from those pesky free-radicals, and help with natural anti-aging. They have twice the potent antioxidants than blueberries, and are indigenous to the luscious Amazonian rainforests. They’re also excellent to share in a meal with your lover, as they are a natural libido stimulant. Good for your skin and your sex life!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those things you just always need to have growing in your garden or in a small tub in your fridge. It has superpowers. Seriously. It can accelerate wound healing (just like Superman) and significantly reduce inflammation and redness on any part of the body. Most effective when taken straight from the gel-like innards of the cactus leaves, it looks like a clear gel, and is both cooling and non-greasy when used as a moisturiser.


Many pregnant women swear by Argan oil for their stretch marks and swollen stomachs, breasts and bottoms. But in Australia, its number one usage is usually advertised in hair masks and damage repair serums. It is super lightweight, making it easy to sook into hair strands, with a pleasant colour and nice nutty smell. It is often a more popular choice than olive oil or honey for a leave-in treatment. Although it will definitely leave you with thick, glossy hair, it is also an incomparable moisturiser for those with blemishes, because it doesn’t clog pores, with a zero comedogenic rating on the pore-clogging scale.   


Eating avocadois just as good for your skin as applying it topically, but its moisturising monounsaturated fatty acids are especially incredible for keeping the epidermal layer of your skin happy, soft and supple. Avocado is also an assistant to anti-aging, preventing wrinkles with its potent antioxidants and omega-9 fatty acids. It also creates a brilliant mask for shiny healthy hair, and is both as natural sunscreen and very calming shaving balm.

Coconut succes story 

There's a reason coconut oil is so hyped up in both the beauty and food industry - it really is a cure-all, and an essential base product to have in your beauty bag. Are you redy for this list? Coconut oil can be used for an extraordinary amount of things, including (but certainly not limited to) : as moisturiser, make-up remover, breath freshner (via oil-pulling), make-up brush cleaner, whitening toothpaste, shaving cream, dandruff relief, cold sore treatment and wound salve. Mixed with other simple things found in your home, coconut oil can do almost anything, due to its high concentration of good fats, not to mention antibacterial properties.


 Coffee is the worldwide wake-up ingredient, not just in terms of drinking java, but smearing on your body as well! Think of it as the brightening, energetic wake-up call that your dull, tired skin has been screaming for. It’s extremely effective for reducing puffy circles under your eyes, as well as getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks. It can smooth and improve just about any skin blemish if you exfoliate your whole body, all over. Coffee can even deepen brown hair colours if made into a mask for your hair and scalp.   


Slathering a thick layer of sticky gooey honey on your face may not sound all that enticing when you think of the clean up afterwards, but the benefits far outweigh the mess. Raw Manuka honey in particular is a number one essential beauty secret for people with acne. Honey is a very gentle anti-inflammatory, with good old antibacterial properties that can help to cleanse pores, or at least widen them to make cleansing more effective. A little honey dabbed on stubborn pimples works better than the most expensive blemish cream.   


The calming and aromatic properties of lavender are widely known, however the more specific beauty benefits may be less publicised. Lavender is an excellent circulation boosting toner, as well as a detoxing skin soother, with proven ability to inhibit the growth of skin bacteria. It helps to calm insect bites and burns, and is such a pleasantly scented ingredient that it won’t hurt to throw into any beauty routine, or simply spritz on your pillow for a good nights sleep. Plus, its easy to nab from your neighbour’s herb garden.  


Maybe you spent your childhood putting lemon juice in your hair during the summer in an attempt to go blonde the natural way, but lemon juice’s beauty benefits go beyond amateur hair dying - although it can lighten both hair and dark skin spots quickly. So lemon can bleach and brighten for sure, but also has amazing antibacterial effects on acne and blackheads, and helps to reduce excess oil production for those with oily skin. Just don’t go out into the sun after using it on your face, as it can be a harsh bleaching agent if used excessively.   


Monoi oil is a traditional Tahitian beauty secret, made from the beautiful and iconic tiare flower – more commonly known in Australia as Tahitian gardenias. The French Polynesians sure know how to grow long, luscious locks, and true Monoi oil is made only in Tahiti, usually by the hands of the kick-arse matriarchs of the culture. It really is a versatile wonder-oil, providing intense hydration, protecting against the elements, and even soothing sunburnt skin and helping to heal eczema and rashes.   


Niaouli oil has some hard-core health benefits that go past simple beauty measure and enter the realm of proper medicinal values. Niaouli is an analgesic, and therefore can help with pain relief. It can stimulate and improve blood circulation, works as an antiseptic on open wounds, and just about kills anything bad that you don’t want in your body. It is a native Australian plant, which looks similar to wattle when growing. Pretty and practical.   


Our CEO’s favourite pre-shampoo hair mask, olive oil is the oldest and most common beauty basic. Basic yes, but also extremely effective, as proven by years of women using it for hair, nails, skin and cooking. Just like avocado and coconut oil, olive oil is packed-full of all those good fats. The vitamin E in olive oil is nourishing for your hair, and reduces dandruff. It is excellent for frizzled and dry, split ends, as well as softening nail cuticles. It’s cheap and easily accessible, and you can slap it on just about anywhere and see positive effects.