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Solid shampoo : Oily hair


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Product Description

Advantages 🌱 Lasts as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo 🌱 Zero waste objective 🌱 Vegan 🌱 Sulphate free 🌱 Easy to take on a trip Use Simply scrub your hair on wet hair, it will immediately turn into creamy foam. Massage your hair and rinse it as you would with a liquid shampoo! Why 🌱 Lamazuna shampoo for oily hair without essential oil is handmade in the hinterland of Nice, south of France, with ingredients 100% natural origin and sulfate free. 🌱 Its delicate scent of wild grass comes from a fragrance of natural origin. 🌱 Thanks to the green clays that make up this shampoo, your hair will regrease less quickly! 🌱 Rub your grooved on wet hair until it lather and rinse as with a shampoo.

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