Morning Routines

The basis for all good skincare is a good morning routine. Whether you have your old favourites that you use religiously every day, or like to switch it up with a new product every month, making sure you start the day with clean skin is not only good for keeping your body healthy, but your mind as well. A morning skincare routine doesn't need to be nuisance. It can be a calming and relaxing way to make sure you are ready for a new day, with fresh skin.

So what do other women do in the mornings ? We would like to take a peek into this intimate little moment of each woman's lives to see how simple and useful a good morning skincare habits can be. From celebrities to our Mermaid C family, have a glimpse at some different women and their mirror time.

Kayla Itsines, Fitness guru

Bikini babe and all around fitness fanatic Kayla Itsines revealed her own personal skincare routine to fans via her blog. Here's what she does :

She removes all make-up with micellar water, before cleansing twice to make sure all make-up and oily residue is completely gone. Interestingly, she goes straight from cleansing to moisturising, making sure to add a few drops of nourishing Marula oil to her daily moisturiser. 

Once a week she does a home face mask...and that's about it !

What do you think ? How goes this compare to your skincare regime in the morning ?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress and Founder of Goop

Gwyneth has many controversial beauty routines, all natural and organic, with some ridiculous and some reasonable. Her basic skincare routine in the morning seems to be just that - very basic ! Which makes us wonder what else she does in terms of expensive dermatological treatments - laser, microdermabrasions, injections etc - which all have their place in well rounded skincare when needed don't get us wrong, but are not as natural and organic as Paltrow claims to be.

Gwyneth does a simple :

Cleanse in the shower, moisturise, sunscreen in the AM.

Simple and classic...same as yours ? Let us know. 

Miranda Kerr, Model and KORA Skincare Founder

Miranda fits the Mermaid C ethos very well -  she is all about organic, natural ingredients that do good things for your skin and the environment. Her morning routine is almost exclusively using her KORA skincare line.

Miranda's mornings look like this :

Cream cleanser, face mist, fancy microcurrent face devise, face oil, moisturiser, tinted sunscreen. A bit more high maintenance than Paltrow and Itsines claim to be, is this a bit more like your routine ?

Recipes #1

Avocado is not just good for your skin, but your body too, full of good fats and extremely nutrient dense. One of the best ways to look after your skin is to watch what you are putting into your body. Our creative chef put together two simple, elegant dishes that not only look good, but taste amazing, so that you can get some more avocado into your diet, as well as onto your skin.

Avocado Fudge and Salmon Tartar on Crispy Garlic Bread

25 minutes of preparation



Olive oil

Green apple

Fresh salmon

Babay spinach

Red onion

Salt and pepper to season


Brush olive oil on the sliced bread, grill it in the oven and scrape it with a clove of garlic. Slice salmon, avocado, onion, season with lemon, salt and pepper. Prepare very thin apple strips. Create a bed of spinach salad, arranged on top of the bread. Add the salmon tartare, as well as the finely cut avocado.  Layer on top a few slices of apple. You can add a light guacamole on the side of the plate with lemon juice as desired.

Fruit salad with avocado cream

10 minutes of preparation

Avocado (mashed)






Crispy sesame

Vanilla ice cream

Prepare a syrup using the sugar and water, add it to the avocado that you have mashed. Cut the fruit into a salad. Arrange the avocado int eh syrup on the bottom of the plate. Create a base with the fruit salad - apple, pear, strawberries. Arrange on the top, sesame crisps, and vanilla ice cream. Add lime juice if you want a more tangy dessert.

Micellar water's place in your beauty routine

Any product with the word "water" in the title can sound a big dodgy - that stuff comes free out of the tap, right? Yes, but water really is the original when it comes to hydration, and coconut, regular or micellar, they all have their place in nourishing the body somehow. So, what the hell is micellar water, and do you really need to use it ?  

Micellar water is made up of micelles: tiny little droplets of cleansing oil molecules, suspended in water. Micelles are great for pulling out oil and dirt from pores because they are attracted to these kinds of impurities. They are also good at doing this, without drying out your skin (see, water of any kind: the best in hydration).

Micellar water should have a slightly different feel to regular drinking water, especially if you run it through your fingers. It’s a pretty versatile product, because it can work as a cleanser, makeup remover and moisturiser, all at once. Lots of beauty brands have cottoned on to this, and it is now mass marketed as on of the next big things in skincare. 

So it all sounds good when you believe the hype, but does the theory stack up to the practical?

Well, like all beauty secrets and miracles, we’ve found that this product works better on some people than others, and everybody’s skin reacts different, so you’ll never really know unless you try it. But, generally speaking, if you’ve got oiler skin for instance, maybe go for a gel cleanser as well, because micellar might leave you feeling not quite as clean as you would like. If you wear a lot of heavy eye makeup and foundation during the day, it’s also not as efficient as a remover specific product, and might require a larger amount for stubborn and waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. If you’re acne prone, this might also not be enough to keep your pimples at bay. Try a tea tree cleanser, or something with antibacterial properties. 

So who does it usually work wonders for? Well, because the fatty molecules in your skin – dirt, oil and some makeup – are drawn out of your pores by the micelles so gently (it is water-based, after all) it can be great on sensitive, dry skin. It’s convenient and you can just swipe it on with a cotton pad, no need to wash off like conventional cleanser. Plus, it’s three-in-one.

What are your experiences with micellar water? Love it or hate it? Hype-worthy or talked up too much?

Let us know in our Mermaid community.